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Access the single lists of the Minichamps  models with a click on the collections shown above. Each page contains many pictures and may take some time to load, so please be patient. For every model you will find a short description, the original catalog number and a little picture. As far as I know everything is correct but mistakes can happen. If someone would like to make corrections or additions please mail your suggestions to:

I am mainly focused in collecting models in 1/43 scale. None of the cars on my pages are for sale, the lists should only provide a quick reference for all manufactored Minichamps cars in 1/43 scale.

A red dot indicates that I own that model. (For people who want to ask me questions about a specific model). More dots  indicate that there are more variations of the model package. Click on the and you will see all the variations.

Happy browsing,

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This page is available in English and German languages.